Our Clients

Our previous and current clients span all business sectors and all sizes of business

The Legal Director’s clients range from large multinational businesses and household names to medium-sized and smaller niche businesses.

Below is a selection of our clients to give you an idea of the calibre and range of businesses that we work with.


We play an important internal role at our clients

We tend to work with main board directors and senior management and become part of the decision making process at our clients.

Our experience of working with a range of other businesses means that we can provide added value that permanent in-house lawyers cannot give.


  • Finlay Beverages
  • Skechers
  • Triton Consulting
  • Brand Intellect
  • Centralis
  • Reiss
  • Essential Analytics
  • MDXT Technology
  • Friska
  • Goat
  • Loaf
  • Smart Parking
  • Francis Ryland