Our Vision and Values

As already referred to, we provide businesses with experienced in-house lawyers, at a fixed cost, to manage their legal affairs on an ongoing basis and to act as their "trusted adviser." We prepare businesses for success and manage their legal affairs in the most efficient way. Our Vision and Values are key to helping us to achieve this and are therefore central to everything we do. We set them out below to give you a good feel for what we stand for.

Our Vision

Every growing and successful business in the UK using a part time in-house lawyer at the heart of its business to organise its legal affairs and put in place commercially effective legal arrangements to deliver further growth and success.

Our Mission Statements

To be the market leader in the provision to all UK businesses of experienced in-house lawyers working as trusted advisers on a flexible, part-time and ongoing basis. To lead the way in promoting the use of in-house legal expertise by educating the market in the value of having an in-house lawyer and promoting The Legal Director brand.

Our Value Proposition

We provide the most efficient way for businesses to manage their legal affairs by providing them with the expertise of highly valuable, experienced in-house legal counsel, acting as a "trusted adviser" on an ongoing basis at a predetermined and fixed cost. Such a service is usually only available to the largest corporates by employing a full-time senior counsel at significant cost.

Our service enables businesses of all sizes to:

  • Ensure that all legal aspects of their business, including all of their commercial relationships, are put and kept in order, allowing potential problems and key issues to be foreseen and planned for and avoided or mitigated. This reduces risk and provides a platform for their continuing success.
  • Receive commercial and pragmatic legal advice to help them make business decisions (this form of legal advice is different from that which law firms provide - they focus on specialist technical legal accuracy which is not necessarily closely linked to the commercial decisions a business needs to make).
  • Save money through obtaining the most cost effective and focused external specialist legal advice from law firms only when necessary.
  • Allow directors, senior managers and decision makers to concentrate on their areas of core competence and responsibility, in the knowledge that the legal foundations of their business are sound and being looked after and that legal issues will be identified and properly addressed when required.
  • Have an independently minded Board or Senior Management Team member who acts as a sounding board free of internal politics.

Our Core Values

  • Empathy
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Commercial astuteness
  • Team working and supporting each other
  • Clear communications

What we really do for our clients

"We help our clients' directors to sleep at night"

"We tell our clients what they don't know about their business and sort it out before it becomes a real problem"

"We save our clients precious time and money"

"We give our clients the legal service they really need"

"We are lawyers who are prepared to give a commercial view"

"We don't focus on theoretical legal advice; we concentrate on helping our clients make the right business decisions"

"We give legal advice from inside of our clients' businesses; this is how we have always worked and we have therefore seen it all before"