The Legal Director is a Referrals Based Company

How does it work, and how can you benefit?

A quick summary

A client, supplier or friend of The Legal Director (the referrer) recommends us to a company or organisation within their network. Once this new company or organisation becomes a client The Legal Director will look to provide the referrer with useful help and support in return.

Why we believe in a Referrals strategy

At The Legal Director we pride ourselves on delivering high quality advice and support and measurable business benefits for our clients. As you know, we are very different to traditional law firms and aim to make our brand of legal service available to as many businesses as possible.

As a client, supplier or friend of The Legal Director it makes sense for you to give your contacts the opportunity to benefit from working with us. If we can help them in the way that we help you all three of us will benefit - your contact will get the legal help they really need, you will get credit for the recommendation and The Legal Director will benefit from taking on a new client.

A direct recommendation is worth a multitude of speculative calls and many of our most important clients have come to us through our referral process.

How our Referrals strategy works - and how you can benefit

In exchange for a referral, we will provide you with additional help and support to compliment our existing service to you, we can seek opportunities for you from our own network or we can discuss other options that will benefit your business in exchange for the referrals you make.

What to do next

If you have a referral in mind or wish to discuss this further, please let any of us know and we'll get right back to you.