Our Fixed Cost Legal Services

You may want to get to know us before you use our part time legal director service. If so, try us out first by taking advantage of one of our fixed cost legal services. These include the following:

  1. Use our low cost retainer service for £100 + VAT per month or get advice on 'One off' legal issues or problems.
  2. The TLD Legal Audit - From £1,000 + VAT
  3. The TLD Contracting Process - From £450 + VAT
  4. The TLD Contract Negotiation Manual - £950 + VAT
  5. Training for your staff - From £249 +VAT per staff member
  6. The TLD Insurance Review - £1,150 + VAT
  7. The TLD Intellectual Property Audit - £2,500 + VAT
  8. The TLD Property Audit - £2500 + VAT


1. Use our low cost retainer service or get advice on 'One off' legal issues or problems

We can provide you with our low cost retainer service where you buy 12 months' of telephone support from one of our Client Legal Directors. Fixed Fees of £100.00 + VAT per month for 12 months.

Alternatively, we can review your standard terms or any other contract, advise you on a dispute, help you with an employee problem or bring some extra negotiating strength to your team in relation to an important deal. - We will do this for a fixed fee agreed with you in advance. Fixed Fees start at £249 + VAT.

2. The TLD Legal Audit

If you are ready to commit to taking control of your legal affairs you need to start from the beginning. This means looking at every key relationship that your business has put in place. These relationships include those with your customers, suppliers, employees, investors, shareholders, regulators and other companies, organisations and individuals. These relationships make up your business.

As experienced in house lawyers we know that the first thing a new in house lawyer does when he joins a company is to carry out such a review. The knowledge and understanding that is gained from undertaking this exercise is invaluable and creates the foundations for the organisation of your legal affairs and the success of your business.

You might also be thinking about trying to raise investment, and you will want the disclosure and due diligence process to be as clean and painless as possible. We can help, by surfacing and resolving all the legal issues which any business gathers while it operates, especially in its early stages.

Our Legal Audit involves carrying out this exercise for your business. We spend time with your key people, review your documentation and then prepare a report summarizing your legal affairs and itemizing what your business needs to do to get them into order. 

We will provide you with an information request form in advance so that our time is used efficiently from the start. We will also provide you with a signed NDA (confidentiality and non disclosure agreement) to give you peace of mind regarding the disclosure of your valuable and confidential information to us.

The Legal Audit can be used (1) as a 'one off' exercise to bring you up to speed with your legal affairs and what they look like, (2) as a platform to introduce our part time legal director service to your business or (3) to prepare your business to attract investment or a potential acquirer so that it is 'investor ready'.

We offer the following legal audits:

  • Basic Audit - 2 days - Fixed fee of £1,000 + VAT
  • Comprehensive Audit - 5 days - Fixed fee of £5,000 + VAT
  • Premium Audit - for complex businesses - Fee agreed in advance.

 Vist our Legal Audit page to learn more.

3. The TLD Contracting Process

We have developed a contracting process, which any business can adopt, to make sure that it contracts in the right way, using the right people to input, review and sign off the contracts that they enter into.

Our contracting process involves putting in place a system (1) to evaluate your existing commercial arrangements and determine the extent to which work is required to get them into shape and (2) to ensure that all future commercial arrangements that you enter into are properly documented, involving the right people at the right time.

The process is easy to understand and implement, however, you will need to get buy in from your key people and the process will need to be administered on a day to day basis so that your business does not fall back into old habits.

Once our contracting process becomes part of your company policy you will notice the difference. There will be no more lost contracts or undocumented arrangements and your key people will always be aware of the status of your important commercial relationships.

We can meet you to explain how it works and prepare a document tailored to your business explaining what steps you should take when contracting - Fixed fee of £950.00 + VAT.

Alternatively, we can send you our standard contracting process guide for you to use independently - Fixed fee of £450 + VAT.

4. The TLD Contract Negotiation Manual

Our contract negotiation manual is a layman's guide to the most important contract terms that you need to look out for, what they mean, why they're important, arguments to defend your position, compromise clauses, and walk away points. This manual guides you, so that you can judge whether the risk profile of the terms and conditions you are signing up to, is appropriate for the commercial deal you are agreeing - Fixed fee of £950 + VAT.

5. Training for your commercial and sales teams

Our in-house lawyers have many years of experience working inside some of the UK's leading businesses. We know how to deliver legal advice in a way that does not hinder the commercial aims and objectives of your business and in a way that is palatable to your decision makers.

We can prepare training programmes for your commercial staff, your sales teams, your key decision makers and any lawyers who are new to your business who may not understand the in-house role.

Our training programmes (delivered to a minimum of 3 of your staff) are charged as follows:

Half day - Fixed fee of £249 +VAT per staff member

Whole day - Fixed fee of £499 + VAT per staff member.

6. The TLD Insurance Review

When your insurance policies are due for renewal, your broker calls you about a week before, and you are just too busy to pay much attention, so you tell him to renew your policies on the cheapest terms available. The fact is that most businesses either have too much insurance, or have policies, which don't fit with their business's needs.

We can help by reviewing your policies to make sure that:

  • Your policy limits are appropriate for your business size
  • Your policy excesses reflect the risks you are willing to take: if you have never had a claim, increasing your excess will reduce your premium
  • The exclusions in your policy don't make it completely pointless to have the policy in the first place


We will sit down with your FD to understand your business from an operational perspective. We will review your policies and produce a spreadsheet summarising what you've got and make recommendations. We will then run through our findings with your FD - Fixed fee £1150 + VAT (depending on the number of policies we review).

7. The TLD Intellectual Property Audit

You need to be aware of and protect your business's intellectual property. It could be the artistic design, shape, technology or brand of your product or process, but do you know how to protect and exploit these intellectual assets?

The TLD IP Audit will help you answer these questions. Depending on the nature of your business we will look at your patents, trade marks, designs and copyright and consider how you license your IP and manage your Confidential Information.

We will prepare a tailored report for you, based on our findings. The Report will include:

  • A list of recommended action points, to help you protect and exploit your IP rights
  • An explanation of why we have made each recommendation
  • Guidance on how to put each recommendation into practice


We will undertake this exercise over 2 days for a fixed fee of £2500 + VAT.

8. The TLD Property Audit

Our specialist in-house property legal director works with both property companies and other businesses (particularly retailers) with extensive property portfolios who need a property lawyer on the inside of their business.

Whilst we are sometimes able to tailor exactly what you want, depending on your market and your requirements, our experience tells us that our property audit will include advising on:

1. Site finding/site disposal/lease re-gearing
We assess the capabilities of your retained agents: are they the right people in the right areas, and are you paying the right price?

We advise on your standard set of Heads of Terms (if they exist) and recommend whether and if you need to adapt them or develop a new standard that is more appropriate to your needs.

2. The Transaction process
We will look at who you are using at the moment to process your transactions. We will assess their capability, cost, expertise and engagement with you and advise what changes you need to make to your existing relationship, or whether you need to consider an alternative provider. If it is simply cost that concerns you, we will advise you on the most beneficial way of structuring that cost to drive value to you whilst retaining service levels.

We will carry out an objective service level review with your existing provider of property legal services.

We will review what you need your leases to reflect in every case (and if need be draft a set of "must haves" from scratch, tailored to your business) in order to retain the business flexibility you want: do this once and it can be repeated on all transactions.

We will help you understand what you need to negotiate in all of your commercial property documents (Agreement for Lease, Lease, Licence to Alter, documents dealing with the landlord, underlease to franchisee's etc) for all transactions going forward.

We will review your "covenant pack" (EBITDA/audited accounts/references/franchise explanation) if it exists or help you put one together if it does not: submitted to one landlord, it can be recycled for all transactions with minimum updating.

3. Ongoing portfolio management
We will analyse your existing portfolio.

We will advise you of the key dates (rent review, term end dates, break dates, rent free periods) and whether these are being managed in the best way possible.

We will assess your lease reports (if they are being done) and will advise you on the management of your landlord relationship.

We will look at your property deeds storage arrangements and whether they are being managed properly.

We will undertake this exercise over 2 days for a fixed fee of £2500 + VAT.