Legal Services for Large Companies

Get the right type of support for your overstretched in-house legal team

If you run an in-house legal team for your business, you will know that getting the balance right between managing your legal workload through your team and sending work out to external law firms is not easy.

We know that legal departments invariably face surges in workload and can quickly become overstretched. At the same time you are expected to operate subject to cost and headcount restraints.

When your team is under pressure you should contact us. All of our lawyers are ex in-house counsel and fully understand the in-house counsel role. Many businesses turn to their external law firms in these circumstances but end up incurring large legal bills or using a seconded solicitor when an extra in-house lawyer would be a better option.

The Legal Director specialises in and only provides in-house lawyer services to businesses. This business model is unique in the UK - you should use us.

How The Legal Director can ease the problems of your In-House team

We can assist you by offering the following support:

  • Senior level back up to assist with individual legal projects, large transactions and/or day to day legal workload.
  • Interim senior lawyer support to assist with the management of junior in-house lawyers freeing you up to concentrate on strategy.
  • Interim control and direction of the in-house legal function in the temporary absence of the in-house legal head of department or pending the appointment of a new Legal Director or General Counsel.
  • Assistance with your selection, management and control of external legal firms.

Flexibility and Value for Money

You can call us when you need us and we will work with you on any project for as long as required. See the 'What we charge' section of our website to find out how much it will cost you to use us. We will provide you with a senior in-house lawyer who can hit the ground running at a cost you can afford with the flexibility you want.