'One to One' General Counsel service for business leaders and entrepreneurs

If you are a high net worth individual with an interest or involvement in many businesses how do you manage those interests and make sure that the arrangements you enter into achieve your personal objectives but at the same time sufficiently protect you?

In the same way that we handle the legal affairs of our corporate clients we can advise you on your portfolio of interests making sure that you are sufficiently aware of the commitments you are making, the obligations you are taking on and the rights you are entitled to.

The businesses you are involved in will all take legal advice but in most cases this advice is aimed at protecting the businesses themselves and not your interests.

When advising companies we invariably work closely with the Chief Executive or Finance Director acting in many cases as legal director to the business but also 'trusted adviser' to the individuals concerned.

This expertise acts as a perfect foundation for our One to One General Counsel service.

We will work with you on a retained basis providing you with two dedicated days per month and your appointed lawyer will always be available on the telephone and by email to give you the legal/commercial advisory support you need to help you run your business life more effectively. For this we will charge you a fixed monthly fee.