Our Part Time Legal Director Service

Bring a business lawyer into your team

Most of our clients are looking for a great lawyer and would like a legal director in their team but don't want to hire one full time, either because they haven't got enough work to keep them busy or because they know the right person will cost too much for the stage their business is at.

With a TLD part time legal director:

  • You get access to an experienced in-house lawyer without any of the overhead cost of an employee (typically double or treble their salary) We work completely flexibly.
  • All of our lawyers offer a range of skills and experience (gained working in-house for many years) that you will not get from a private practice solicitor
  • We work with you to transfer our skills into your business helping your team become more legal and business-savvy.
  • Our part time legal director service is our core service, which will give your business the ongoing legal support it needs for a fixed fee each month. It involves one of our experienced business lawyers acting as your part time legal director for a number of days each month - usually between 3 and 6 days per month.
  • Your part time legal director will work with your senior management team, attend Board meetings and act as a trusted adviser to your key directors. They will also train and mentor your key commercial staff to enhance their skill sets and will provide timely, commercial advice to allow you to concentrate on your core business.

A flexible and affordable solution

You can use your part time legal director in any way that you want - in days, part days or hours - at your offices or remotely or a combination of both. The service gives you 24/7 telephone contact and within a short period of time you will start to feel the benefits of having a legal director on your team. You are not tied in and can switch off the service or adapt it to your changing needs on a months' notice.

Start acting like a large business - appoint a legal director - but on a part time basis

In our view all growing businesses should give more attention to their legal affairs and the impact that legal issues have on their business. Leading companies do this and it should work for your business too. In essence, you need an in-house lawyer and The Legal Director will provide this for you.

Whether your business is in the early stages of its development or is established enough to be considering employing its own lawyer on a full time basis, we guarantee that The Legal Director can provide a flexible and pragmatic way to handle your company's legal affairs, provide solutions to your problems and help you to control risk and make your business a success.

Try The Legal Director low cost retainer - Buy 12 months' legal support for £100.00 + VAT per month

If you want to give us a try but you are not sure what to expect, you can sign up to our low cost retainer service. For 12 months you can buy telephone access to one of our Client Legal Directors who will give you guidance over the telephone on ‘day to day' legal/business issues.

This will enable you to build a relationship with a friendly supportive senior lawyer who will act as your trusted adviser on an on going basis. You won't need to worry about the clock ticking when you want to pick up the phone and you will feel reassured that when you need some substantive legal work done, you have a trusted lawyer, who understands your business, waiting in the wings to help you.

For £100 per month this is a great way to start addressing your legal affairs before you take the step to appoint us to act as your part time legal director - at this price you cannot afford not to try it!