Our Part Time Property Legal Director Service

Start to proactively manage the legal issues arising from your property portfolio

We know that legal requirements around the premises from which you trade or operate can often be a challenge. Typically, they can be the subject of some tension in-house. They are often not understood that well by your General Counsel, FD or Company Secretary who are often tasked with dealing with the property portfolio but who may lack the specialist skills needed.

When advice is bought in from external providers, decisions are often challenged and instructions given directly by property directors or facilities managers who may have the relationship with the external law firm but do not hold the budget. Cost control is inconsistent and that is exploited by the external firm.

We also know that acquiring or disposing of premises, at the right time, with risks known and managed and at a cost that is certain can help transform your business.

How we can help

We can assist you, whether you are:

  • moving your head office;
  • "cleaning" and preparing your portfolio in advance of a corporate action;
  • on a programme of acquisitions or disposals;
  • having difficulties managing a disparate and complicated estate (often inherited from mergers);
  • procuring formal or informal panels of external lawyers, or conducting independent and objective service reviews;
  • concerned that the costs you are being charged might be disproportionate in the market, or concerned that you have outgrown your existing external provider;
  • seeking specialist legal property expertise to sit within the legal or the estates teams, or to bridge needs within both;
  • looking for immediate involvement on a discrete business-critical project.

Use our expertise and connections to streamline your approach and save you money

We have longstanding relationships with other providers of property services, from agencies to rent review surveyors, building contractors to property litigators, dilapidations surveyors to architects across the retail, industrial property and office sectors countrywide.

You should use us to establish that you are driving value to your bottom line and to minimize unnecessary cost.